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Hello Tumblr world,  Iowa NOW has been out of the loop. Tumblr sort of lost our page and info, and I was not in a time management position to deal with the issue. That is resolved and Iowa NOW is back and will be posting more on tumblr and twitter.

Short cut to find things

When in doubt, go to iowanow.org. There you will fnd contact info along with contact  e-mails and links to other NOW outlets, including Facebook.

You can join NOW on line. now.org

In Unity


NOW’s Blog.

Check out the National Organization for Women’s blog

It is called “Say it Sister”.  A totally feminist focused forum for issues and debate.

Trying to find a way to follow Say it sister on Tumblr.

Hogs and Kisses

How to best use tumblr?

Looking for blogers and social media folks that would give advice on best use of tumblr-FB and twitter for political activist organizing. I have a Pinterest account but have not had the time to focus and get it up and really running. thanx!!

Reposting links
Iowa National Organization for Women
Quad Cities Chapters: National Organization for Women
These are the links to the NOW pages I admin. Still learning how to best use social media. Big learning for…..for me
Iowa NOW annual meeting


That above is the link to my FB page. It has the “event” I created for the Iowa NOW annual meeting.  Also please like the Iowa NOW and Quad Cities NOW FB pages.



Another adventure into social media

Iowa NOW has made one more advance into the 21st century. Iowa NOW is and or has a Twitter account. I Admin the account but the hash tag is designed for Iowa NOW.

I don’t post-tweet as often as others. I am folllowing about 80 liberal-feminist-progressive groups and people and have around 20 followers.

Follow us ……@NOWIOWA.

hogs and kisses


Natl NOW conference report

Didn’t have near the time I wanted to post as often as I wanted. Very busy, but a great busy. All the speakers were on the mark, spoke truth to power and were very inspiring. Attended all but one workshop. Had to skip the 5th block, to oversee our toilet getting fixed. I went to the modernizing NOW workshop-brain storming shops. The focis is to get lotos and lots of member input and restructure NOW. The 2014 conference will be the end point, where needed by laws changes will occur, internal policies will be modified and the sub unit structure will be addressed.

I also went to a cracker jack social media-on line fund raising session.

In between I got to hang out with many old friends and made several new younger friends. This was a great conference. Next year is Chicago. Yeah, I can drive!!!

I am also no longer on the Natl board. MY term ended at the adjournment of the 2012 conference. The focus is  now on local QC NOW and some on Iowa NOW

hogs and kisses